We are a market intelligence, research, and advisory firm specializing in fintech, venture capital, startups, tech ecosystems, and trends in the CIS & Central Asia region.

CIS and Central Asia region hold immense potential, but it has long suffered from a lack of reliable market reports and data. We recognized this challenge and established RISE Research with a simple goal: to provide valuable and visually engaging infographic-based content that offers a deeper understanding of the evolving innovation ecosystem in our region.


Our mission at RISE Research is simple yet powerful: to provide data-driven insights that bring a deeper understanding of the region's market dynamics and accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Deep-diving research into fintech, venture capital, startups, tech hubs, and innovation

  • Technology scouting

  • Startup valuation and due diligence

  • Trendwatching

  • Market entry strategy

  • Industry mapping

Research & Analytics

Kazakhstan Fintech 2024

RISE Research, in collaboration with the National Payment Corporation of Kazakhstan, Mastercard, and Tarlan Payments, has conducted an analysis of Kazakhstan's fintech market. The study provides a comprehensive analysis of the industry, including a map of the main players and seven key fintech trends

Финтех рынок Казахстана 2024

RISE Research совместно с Национальной платежной корпорацией Казахстана, Mastercard и Tarlan Payments провела анализ финтех-рынка Казахстана. В исследовании представлен всесторонний анализ отрасли, включая карту основных игроков и 7 ключевых финтех трендов
Venture Capital in Kazakhstan, Central Asia and the Caucasus, startups, deals, RISE Research

Venture Capital in Central Asia and the Caucasus

Venture capital market study conducted by RISE Research in collaboration with EA Group and BGlobal Ventures, Crunchbase, the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan, and KPMG
Fintech in Uzbekistan, RISE Research

Fintech in Uzbekistan

This study will familiarize with the fast-growing financial technology market of Uzbekistan, its development history,
state of affairs and perspectives
IT ecosystem of Almaty, RISE research , startups, Venture capital Kazakhstan

Venture and Startup Ecosystem of Almaty

The research objective was to comprehensively study the dynamics and trends in Almaty's IT market and provide up-to-date information for all stakeholders. We believe that the findings of this research will contribute to a better understanding and interaction with the startup community
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Market Insight Lead at Accion in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

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