We are a market intelligence, research, and advisory firm specializing in fintech, venture capital, startups, tech ecosystems, and trends in the CIS & Central Asia region.

CIS and Central Asia region hold immense potential, but it has long suffered from a lack of reliable market reports and data. We recognized this challenge and established Rise Research with a simple goal: to provide valuable and visually engaging infographic-based content that offers a deeper understanding of the evolving innovation ecosystem in our region.

Our mission at Rise Research is simple yet powerful: to provide data-driven insights that bring a deeper understanding of the region's market dynamics and accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Deep-diving research into fintech, venture capital, startups, tech hubs, and innovation

  • Technology scouting

  • Startup valuation and due diligence

  • Trendwatching

  • Market entry strategy

  • Industry Mapping
Partners & Clients
Fintech Consult
Ainur Zhanturina

Founder of RISE Research, a market intelligence and advisory firm

Market Insight Lead at Accion in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

Partner at Fintech Consult in Kazakhstan

Phone: +7 (702) 217-73 51
Email: ainur@fintech-consult.com
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